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Planning A Christmas Holiday away? Here Are A Few Driving Tips

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Taking to the road and travelling to different places through the Christmas season can provide you with a whole new experience. This is not an uncommon idea nowadays even with the chilly temperature outside or the amount of snow you may encounter on the way. Christmas trips can be the perfect opportunity for you and your [...]

The Ultimate Packing List For Your Upcoming Family Road Trip

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Going on a road trip every now and then is a great way to travel less expensively, visit new places and have fun together as a family. However, having a successful adventure on the road, especially when there are children on board, greatly depends on the planning, which includes packing your road trip essentials. The key [...]

Ways To Save Money When Travelling

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Travelling can be a bit pricey but you don't need to rehash your plans again for the next year or the year after that! Tick out another place from your bucket list by making an efficient travel plan and lessen your travel expenses. Here's a list of tips and tricks that you can follow to travel [...]

A Beginners Guide To Car Hire For Holidays

By |2018-09-27T09:47:35+00:00June 28th, 2018|Categories: Tips|

Going on holiday? If you are anxious about using public transport, it is a good idea to consider a car rental. If this is your first time, then don’t worry! Here’s a guide to things you need to know before renting a car: 1. Rent before arriving at your destination If you rent a car at [...]

Advantages of Car Hire Service

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The increasing availability of low-cost airline flights brings easy access to worldwide travel. With a great number of people starting to explore the world, many travellers are considering using car rentals when arriving at their destination. If you haven’t experienced renting a car here are some of the advantages. Freedom of movement By renting a car [...]

A Guide to Choosing the Right Rental Car For Your Trip

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One of the most important things you have to do before going on your next trip is to find the right rental car fit for your journey. It is as important as choosing your next location since you do not want to arrive in a place and realise that your car is too big for [...]

4 Important Things to Remember When Renting a Car

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Everybody wants a smooth and carefree car hire experience. To be able to have a hassle-free process of renting a car, one needs to know a few things. These include the materials that you need to bring when you pick up the car and the items that you must check before you drive off with the [...]

Top tips to save money on fuel this winter

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Whether you’re renting a car or van this festive season, or you run your own car – we all know that fuel prices are ever rising and at this time of year, any money saving tips are welcome! Making a few simple changes to your driving habits can really help to improve your fuel efficiency, having [...]

Key Driving Considerations this Winter

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The winter months can bring some very tricky driving conditions, which makes it absolutely vital to understand how best to prepare your car and yourself. With such changeable weather, and almost freezing conditions on a regular basis, there's a significantly increased risk of accident, injury, or damage to your car. So, how can you best prepare [...]