There could be a multitude of reasons why you need to pack your car with a big assortment of luggage, boxes or other items.

The most common reasons for needing to transport a heavy or cumbersome load incude: going on holiday, moving house or delivering your son or daughter to or from University with all their worldly goods!

Perhaps you’ve had a big clear out in your home and garden, and need to take lots of items to charity shops and the tip? Alternatively, you could be on a spending spree, with lots of shopping to pack into your family car including larger or tricky items such as plants, shrubs and garden equipment.

These days, it’s common to buy and sell furniture, bicycles and other large items online too, which means you could need to deliver or collect things that are hard to get into your car.

For all these reasons and more, you might be wondering: “Is it worth considering renting a bigger vehicle and how do you sort van hire Bristol?”

The legal reasons why van hire makes sense

Did you know that overloading your car when you pack it for a move, your holiday or a special shopping trip can lead to a fine of hundreds of pounds? As well as three penalty points on your licence!

Stacking stuff up in your car is considered dangerous under UK law due to the potential for items to block the driver’s view, or shift in ways that create a substantial distraction for motorists.

It’s too tempting with a very full car to have passengers sitting on boxes or unable to fasten their seatbelts too, which is unacceptable.

Did you also know that car manufacturers put limits on the weight of items you can transport in a car? For many makes and models, this is probably a lower level than you imagine. Weight limits in car owner manuals are there for safety purposes, and ignoring them could also earn you fines and penalty points, or void your car insurance.


Comfort and convenience

Even if your load of boxes or purchases are within legal limits there are still lots of good reasons to shop around for van rental prices in the Bristol area.

This includes avoiding the need for your passenger to be squished up.

Also, it can be far less stressful to slot things effortlessly into the back of a rental van, instead of scratching your head for hours putting together a “jigsaw” puzzle of boxes, bags and cases, that’s secure enough for a road trip.

Instead, you could complete your journey with your load all safely stored on a strong van base, and then you can unload much easier at your destination too. There’s no need to get creative with fold-down seats, headrests or items strapped to your car roof!

Car and van rental Bristol insights

It’s advisable to give some thought to the size and weight of your load, before pricing up van hire. For example, it could be that hiring an estate car makes more sense. There are many different sizes of rental vans available too. You don’t want to be back to packing everything in tightly! Or, having things moving around and paying for a larger vehicle than you need.

Once you have a good idea of your load and journey, contact us at Bristol Car & Van Hire. We would be delighted to help you to find the right van for your project or journey, at the right price.

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