A people carrier is a great choice when you want more space for family and friends. Whether you’re planning a night out or a sightseeing tour of Bristol, people carrier car hire is a savvy choice.
So what exactly is a people carrier and why should you hire one?

What is a ‘people carrier’ in car rental?

When it comes to car rental, people carriers are larger vehicles with more headroom and luggage space.
Opting for a people carrier means you won’t have to hire multiple cars when a bigger group of family and friends wants to go travelling together. And if you’re planning a night on the town in Bristol you can all arrive and get home safely as a group.
People carriers usually feature 7 or 9 seats and let you travel in comfort and style whatever your destination.

What are the advantages of renting a people carrier?

If you’re looking to get great value from your rental, or transport a group of people safely and comfortably, a people carrier is the right car for the job.

Best for family and friends

Off to the airport? Fancy a day’s shopping? Or spending the afternoon at the Ashton Gate Stadium? There’s no better way for a group of friends and family to take a trip than in a 7 or 9 seater vehicle.
You’ll avoid all the stress of having to find somewhere to park, and you won’t have any hassle meeting up and travelling home together. Hiring a people carrier can be a real game-changer when you want to enjoy your downtime.

Travel in comfort and style

More legroom. More head height. And plenty more room for all your luggage. When you’re on your way for a much-needed break a people carrier gets you and all your stuff to the airport in style.
Bristol & Clifton Golf Club is one of the best courses in the South West – hire a people carrier and you’ll have plenty of room for you and your clubs. There are some beautiful beaches within an hour’s drive from Bristol. Why not throw all your gear in the back of one of our people carriers and enjoy an effortless day at the beach?
With so much room for a group of adults and their luggage, there’s no limit to where you might go.

Get there safely

People carriers are built to the highest safety specifications to protect everyone travelling. That makes them a great choice if you’re hosting a child’s birthday party – just buckle up and head for the zoo or theme park with complete peace of mind.
And if you’re travelling with very little ones why not hire a car seat from us so you don’t have to worry about using your own equipment?

How can I get the best deal on people carrier car rental?

If you’re looking for cheap car hire in Bristol you could use a comparison website or book with one of the big operators. Or you can get the best deals on a 7 or 9 seat people carrier when you book with us at Bristol Car & Van Hire.
We offer short and long term rentals on a range of people carriers including the VW Maxilife, Vauxhall Vivaro and Ford Tourneo. With air-con and cruise control you’ll travel in absolute comfort and with one of the lowest insurance excesses around we won’t be beaten on value for money.
Enjoy all the great benefits of booking with us and have fun travelling the glorious South West. Book now online or call 0117-9593333 to find out more.