Are you planning to rent a car for your next road trip or a holiday with your family or friends? It is convenient to rent a car, in that, you can hire a car that will accommodate you and all the members of your family or even all your close friends, you can book a minibus rental in Bristol, or if you want to spoil yourself, you can hire a luxurious car.

Although renting a car can make travelling easier, there are still some common mistakes to keep in mind to help save you money. In this article, we will tackle some of the common mistakes that rental car clients make that may cost them in the long run.

Renting a car from the airport

The first and most common car rental mistake involves making arrangements at the airport. Renting from the airport means surcharges. We suggest you choose a car rental service away from the airport to avoid these. There are many rental offices that provide transportation to and from the airport, and it is more convenient than booking at the airport.

Car rental contract and car inspection

Before signing a car rental contract, always read the fine print. Clarify any elements that seem vague and ask questions. Make sure that you understand the terms, conditions, and pricing options before you sign. If you sign the agreement without bothering to read it, you run the risk of paying for things you don’t need.

Thoroughly inspect your car rental before you drive away. If you find scratches on the car body or spills or tears in the interior or any defect during the inspection, immediately inform the company. Don’t assume that the car company already knows about the damage. If it’s not listed on the form, speak up.

Shop around for rental options

Always consider the different car rental services that are available. Compare car rental rates, because they can differ substantially from company to company. You may be missing out on an efficient and cheaper car hire service that will save you money.

Understand all the penalties

If you return a rental car 30 minutes late, you may incur a penalty, but other companies will also charge you if you return the vehicle early. That’s why you need to understand the penalties outlined in the contract.

Paying extra for GPS or a car seat

Car rental companies may charge you extra for accessories like GPS or a child car seat.  Most clients don’t hire these accessories because they can use a smartphone, or print directions using their hotel’s free business centre. If you have a portable GPS, don’t forget to remove it when you return the rental car.

You can now avoid these costly car rental mistakes with the help of Bristol Car & Van Hire, we are happy to help you save the money you would have needlessly spent. For further information, don’t hesitate to call us on  01179593333 or send us an email at to get the best possible deal.