Hiring a car during business trips can save you the problem of queuing for public transport or paying for an expensive taxi journey. Having a car available to drive when and where you wish is very convenient especially when time is a factor. Hiring a car is easy, however, there are a few things that you have to consider.

1. Insurance

Since you are going on a business trip, you must ask your company if they have included insurance in the car rental contract, if insurance is not offered, check your corporate credit card or personal credit card if they provide this service. It is best to check your company’s policy or ask them directly if they will reimburse insurance costs.

2. Cost of damage

Another thing that you have to consider is the cost of damage. This varies depending on the insurance coverage that you have. Most insurance covers any damage made to the car but not the other fees that your rental car company may impose.

3. Drivers under the age of 25

Most car rental companies have a policy of charging extra if the driver is below 25 years of age . This is because they are taking into account the driver’s inexperience. However, if you are a business traveller check your company’s policy as they may be able to negotiate the contract so you will not incur additional costs.

4. Additional drivers

In most cases, business travellers travel alone but there are times when there are two or more people sharing the car rental. In this case, extra fees will be required.

5. Stay on the road.

Most car hire companies have specific rules with reference to using their cars on unpaved road.You must follow these rules to avoid damage to the car.

6. Fuel.

You must refill the tank prior to returning the vehicle. If not extra fees may be incurred as the price per gallon can be two to three times as much as the price at a local gas station.

7. Airport fees

It is a requirement that car hire companies pay airport fees. These airport fees are then passed to business travellers. To save expenditure collect the rented car from your hotel or other location other than the airport. Check the list of fees on the reservation first to know if you’re being charged.

8. Bring your own extras

Car accessories that aid you while driving, like GPS, car seats and satellite may be charged separately when you hire a car since corporate travel policies may exclude these and you end up paying for it. Again, cut the spending and bring your own. Use your phone’s GPS and radio.

These are just some of the things that you should keep in mind to ensure that your car hire experience is stress free. Knowing the process can definitely aid you from having a smooth business trip. If the place you are travelling to is unfamiliar, doing a little research can save you the time and money.

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