If you’re planning for your next holiday, Bristol Car & Van Hire believes that you may need wheels for your upcoming trip. Most people rent a car because it can give them flexibility and freedom to go wherever they wish. However, choosing the right vehicle and finding the best deals can be pretty overwhelming. Read these practical tips for seamless planning.

Forget extra insurance

Those who have their own vehicles know that they are already provided with their own insurance or an AAA membership. If you are among those people, you probably don’t need to purchase extra insurance.

Ask for discounts

There’s nothing wrong with asking any service provider whether they offer discounts or if you’re browsing through the site, always look for special offers like ‘Hire any vehicle for 4 days and get a 5th day FREE’. Whether Military, AAA, senior, corporate or otherwise, many associations get price breaks from car rental companies and all you have to do is ask or look for it. In many cases, mentioning your frequent flyer membership can also help you earn miles on your car rental.

Return your car on time

A lot of car rental companies only give 30-minutes grace period before they begin to rack up the late fees. Returning the car late from the time you and the company agreed on could cost you. So, if you think that you may be late when returning the car, adjust the time of your travel going back for you to arrive on time.
Before leaving the car, inspect the vehicle’s body or the check-in attendant should inspect it in your presence. Also, check if you haven’t left any personal belongings. Apart from this, you should carefully examine the rental agreement for all charges and ensure that the agent credits any deposit to your account.

Choose the right vehicle

Whether it’s a small or large car, take your time when choosing what kind of vehicle you or your family will need for your trip. If you are looking to save gas and money on rental rates, you should reserve the smallest available model. However, the car size is not the only factor. If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly car, choose hybrid vehicles. And if ever you can’t drive a stick shift, you can choose a car with an automatic transition. Don’t forget to ensure that the company you’re renting offers any extras you might want or need, like the car seat, ski rack or GPS system.

Don’t prepay for gas

Fill the tank yourself before returning the vehicle back so that you are only paying for the gas you consumed. Avoid filling up at the nearest gas stations in cities or right near the airport because the gas prices are always expensive in those areas. Instead, fill up your tank a few miles away. You can also check the gas station near your location before you leave and drive home.
If you are planning to rent a car for your next road trip, choose Bristol Car & Van Hire. We offer the best quality of vehicles for hire. We provide a wide variety of cars so whatever your need may be, we have the right vehicle suited for you. To know more about our services, feel free to give us a call on 0117 9593333 or send us an email at  info@bristolcar-vanhire.co.uk.