The winter months can bring some very tricky driving conditions, which makes it absolutely vital to understand how best to prepare your car and yourself. With such changeable weather, and almost freezing conditions on a regular basis, there’s a significantly increased risk of accident, injury, or damage to your car.

So, how can you best prepare for driving in the winter months, and could a hire car or van be the perfect solution to calm your winter driving conditions?

1. Control speed carefully

Above all else, it is vital that you carefully control your speed when driving in poor, wintery conditions. Equally, driving style should be adapted to accommodate different types of weather. Any acceleration should be done cautiously, and in extreme conditions, it’s always safer to take it easy. In wet or icy weather, slick roads and high speeds could result in a serious accident or injury.

In the short term, it might take a little longer to get to your destination, but in the long term, this simple tip could save your life.

2. Ensure tyres are in good condition.

Maintaining good tyre condition is absolutely vital, as it will keep your car fixed to the road and prevent the risk of an accident. Before the wintery weather officially sets in, it’s important to have all tyres checked to ensure there are no slow punctures, that the tread is at a safe and appropriate level, and that they are fully inflated.

If you’re local area, is more likely to face snow or icy weather, then it may be worth having a full set of winter tyres fitted for added safety.

3. Other vehicle preparation to consider

Full preparation of your vehicle is the best solution to Have your battery checked to ensure it is fully charged and functional. Liquid levels should also be maintained to prevent the possibility of freezing, this includes fuel, screen wash, and oil. Lights and wiper blades should be cleaned and checked regularly to ensure that they’ll work effectively, and it’s although worth investing in a screen cover to protect against morning frost.

If you do need to defrost car windows, do not use hot or warm water to melt the ice, as this could crack the windscreen!

4. Keep an emergency kit to hand.

Should you find yourself in an emergency situation, having an emergency kit in your car will keep you protected from the weather, and will help to resolve the situation quickly. This could include a warm blanket, weather-proof shoes, a first aid kit, hazard warning triangle, extra food, phone charger, and the contact details of a quality breakdown company.

5. Why a hire car?

Keeping your own car winter ready can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Opting to use a hire car throughout the winter months may actually be a practical alternative solution.

When you choose to hire a car, you can rest assured that the necessary winter-safety checks are conducted prior to collection. Vehicles are kept clean, tyres and fluid levels are checked and topped up, and they are often new vehicles, which means that the breaks, suspension, electrics, and engine parts are likely to be nearly new and in tip-top condition.

It is still advised that you take care when driving in poor weather, taking measures to keep fuel levels topped up, and an emergency kit to hand.

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