Over the years, travelling has rapidly become a huge part of every group or organization’s line of activities whether for work, leisure, or recreation purposes. However, if your group travels often, it might be a bit of a hassle if you do not have a personal vehicle for transportation with you. It’s true that, in some cases, commuting is possible. This is what solo travellers usually prefer to do on their trips. But if you’re a big group or you have kids with you, for instance, commuting is not recommended because it might cause discomfort. Rental services are the most efficient and cost-effective alternative to commuting. The decision as to the type of personal vehicle you’ll rent (car, van, or minibus) depends on you. Meanwhile, for larger or even smaller groups, here are some of the reasons why you should consider a minibus rental instead for your next travel.
Saves You Time and Effort
A minibus, as well as the other personal vehicle, hires, offer this benefit. Drivers are usually familiar with a long list of travel destinations you will be transported to. Their knowledge will save you time, effort, and even confusion in travelling to some foreign destinations. Your itinerary will be followed, or you have the option to make it flexible. With a private vehicle, you can utilize your time and have the chance to visit more landmarks spontaneously.
Comfortable Seats
Comfort is one feature that people want to delight in when they travel. Some find travelling as a way to relax in a different place, like a breath of fresh air. Travelling via van hire or car hire is an option depending on your preferences, but for longer rides via land, having a minibus that offers comfortable seats is duly recommended. Due to its large seating capacity, a minibus tends to have more space for passengers. It is also built with larger aisles and headroom compared to vans.
Value for Money
Travelling in a minibus has good value for money and is cost-effective. Since you come in a larger group, it saves you money from transportation, lodging, and fees for activities, entrance, and registration. The total costs can be divided into the number of participants. Establishments in certain travel destinations also give discounts to groups.
Accommodates More Passengers and Has Larger Storage Capacity
Vans can only fit up to a certain number of passengers while a minibus can give you the ability to transport a larger number of people in your travels. There are usually overhead and rear storage spaces inside a minibus which gives you the capacity to bring more items in your travels. Bristol Car & Van Hire’s minibus, in particular, has fourteen seats and is wheelchair friendly.
Enjoy More Amenities inside the Minibus.
For groups in long-distance trips, you can enjoy a wide array of amenities apart from the usual air conditioning. Some minibus has built-in flat screen television for a movie binge-watch and Wi-Fi for internet browsing. Music players are usually available too.
Ready to travel in a minibus?
Bristol Car & Van Hire has the right vehicle suited for you. Bristol Car & Van Hire Ltd. has become a leading car and van rental provider in Bristol and nearby areas. You can opt for a minibus to enjoy the discussed advantages or a car or a van depending on your need. Whether you are a family or a group of friends or a group of colleagues, you are ensured of comfortable and safe travels. It’s a family-run business and has the utmost knowledge of what a good car, van, and minibus hire services should be. You can visit the office at 290-294 Southmead Road, Westbury on Trym, Bristol, BS10 5EN from Monday to Saturday, or call 0117 9593333. For your convenience, the team has set up an e-mail (info@bristolcar-vanhire.co.uk) and a contact form as well.