Taking to the road and travelling to different places through the Christmas season can provide you with a whole new experience. This is not an uncommon idea nowadays even with the chilly temperature outside or the amount of snow you may encounter on the way. Christmas trips can be the perfect opportunity for you and your family to make a magical break on the road. Read on for a few tips to make your driving fun, uncomplicated and as safe as possible.

Make a list

Apart from preparing your usual packing list, be sure to create an emergency car checklist as well. This may include:

  • First aid kit
  • High-visibility jacket
  • Snow shovel
  • Ice scraper
  • De-icing equipment
  • Torch and spare batteries
  • A hazard-warning triangle
  • Tow rope

Plan your route

Especially if you are visiting an unfamiliar location, make sure that you know where you are heading by planning which routes to take. Additionally, consider the traffic and weather conditions you may have to encounter. Just keep in mind that if the weather is exceptionally bad, the drive may not be worth the risk.

Fuel up

Even with your planned route, you may still have to take the long way round as road closures can pop up anywhere this time of year. That said, you never know when your journey could take longer than expected so remember to keep your tank topped up above a quarter and make regular petrol stops along the way.

Practice the 2-second rule

No matter how long or short your Christmas road trip will be, remember to be vigilant on the roads. Apart from driving slowly in order to keep a lookout for obstacles along the way, do not forget the 2-second rule between you and the car in front. This is especially important as it is winter after all and you may have to pass a lot of icy roads on the way.

Stop, look and listen

According to the Highway Code, fog lights must be used when the visibility is less than 100 metres which you may encounter in heavy fog conditions. Ensure that you know where your fog lights are and be sure not to confuse them with your full beam. You may also consider winding down your window at junctions to listen out for traffic but if visibility is really reduced, pulling over in a safe place until the fog has lifted might be the best thing to do.

Familiarise yourself with your dashboard lights

The types of modern vehicles we have today are typically filled with sensors to monitor how your vehicle is behaving. If a warning light comes on and stays on, pull over as soon as possible in a safe place. Keep in mind that most warning lights are specific to your vehicle so look them up in your car handbook to get a detailed explanation of their meaning and the appropriate actions to take.

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