If you own a small business in Bristol, or you’re planning a business startup, hiring a van could be one of the best decisions you make. There are lots of reasons to opt for a rental rather than buying or leasing a van in the early stages of your business. The most important reasons are that van rental prices can be cost-effective over a timeframe of four weeks or more, and your business is not locked into any kind of lease or purchase agreement.

Additional reasons to opt for the type of flexible van hire Bristol business owners prefer

Startups and small businesses often find it difficult to access loans and finance, but also tend to be short of the cash reserves that keep many larger organisations afloat when times are tough. No matter what sort of business you’re in, an economic or seasonal downturn or uptick can cause severe impacts.

Top reasons to opt for business van rentals include:

1. You remain up to speed with all delivery or service needs

It’s natural to assume that increased sales, leading to more frequent requirements for deliveries or collections, will be maintained, however, that’s not always the case. Of course, when business is slow, owning or leasing your business van(s) is just one more financial liability, and could be the final straw that breaks your back. Opting to hire business vans gives you the flexibility needed to operate according to current business needs.

2. Van hire is the flexible solution for any startup

The main reason hiring commercial vans is the flexible solution for any startup or growing business is because it’s possible to “upsize” or “downsize” hire vehicles to suit operational needs. For example, if you’re a startup service provider in Bristol, such as a plumber, kitchen fitter, or landscape gardener, you’ll be reliant on the tools, materials, and equipment carried in your van. Commercial van hire from the outset enables you to gauge demand over a longer timeframe, prior to making any investment in your own vehicle.

3. Reliability and low running costs

Of course, high spec, zero maintenance and low running costs are more top reasons to hire your business van, no matter what your trade. Any mobile startup or local business offering delivery services is totally reliant on the dependability of its business fleet. So, opting for an affordable second-hand van could be unwise if breakdowns become a regular issue. Your business van enables you to meet customer needs, and you could experience huge financial losses and reputational damage if you’re not on the road. Even if it’s only for one day!

4. Van hire is the perfect last-minute solution for urgent deliveries or bigger jobs

Last-minute jobs and urgent deliveries are par for the course for any business owner, so it’s always good to know that local van hire is available to meet your needs.

5. Vehicle hire costs are legitimate business expenses

The full cost of all hire vehicles is a legitimate business expenditure, so it can be immediately claimed via self-assessment or in company accounts. Also, if you’re VAT-registered, the VAT paid for Bristol van hire can also be clawed back in your next business VAT return.

Superb car and van rental Bristol businesses can rely on

There are many more business benefits associated with van hire Bristol-based for traders and startups of any kind, and you probably already understand how important reliable transportation is to your trade. Take the time to check out the wide range of top quality vans, transporters, and Luton low loaders available at Bristol Car & Van Hire Ltd today to find out more!