When it comes to planning a stag or hen weekend, organising transport can be a chore. Often, people in the group don’t want to spend too much, so finding an option that suits everyone isn’t easy. Bristol is a great city for a stag weekend with so much to see and excellent nightlife. You’ll find it easy to plan activities for the group to partake in around the city and surrounding areas. However, transporting the whole group can be difficult when relying on public transport. You may find it easier to consider a van hire in Bristol. Minibus rental in Bristol is easy to find and at Bristol Car & Van Hire, we can provide you with a minibus that can transport 14 people and is wheelchair accessible.

Why minibus hire in Bristol is the perfect solution

When you’re trying to cut costs as a whole group, hiring a minibus can work out cheaper than paying for taxis, trains and buses. You can hire a van for the whole weekend and know that your transport to and from any activities that you’ve booked is covered. Relying on public transport doesn’t give you a lot of flexibility, with a minibus you’ll be able to decide when you travel. You’ll be able to park your van close to your hotel or accommodation so it’s easily accessible and ready to go whenever you need it. Minibus hire also includes insurance to give you peace of mind when hiring your vehicle.

What is there to do in Bristol for a stag or hen weekend?

Bristol is a city with a rich history, the museum and art gallery is a great visit for those with an interest in local history and art. The art gallery also features works from world-famous Bristolian artist Banksy. If you’re into surfing or bodyboarding or would like to try it out, then the inland surfing pool can be lots of fun. You’ll also find other group activities in the area to choose from such as segway hire, adrenaline junkie climbing and adventure centres, kayaking (which gives you a chance to see Bristol from the water), and even footgolf.

Aside from the vast selection of activities on offer in Bristol, there is also an array of Michelin star restaurants and craft bars. The city has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a quiet weekend or a bit of a party. Always ensure that if you are planning to visit bars that your group has a designated driver.

Tips for effortless stag or hen weekend planning

If you want the weekend to go effortlessly from start to finish, then considering van rental in Bristol is a good place to start. This will give you more flexibility when planning activities as you won’t need to factor in public transport timings. If you opt for hiring a minibus, all you’ll need to do is ensure that the group can travel to Bristol. Once the group is in the city, your travel plans are covered. It’s always a good idea to try and plan your weekend as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment when it comes to booking activities, accommodation or hire vehicles.

To manage your group, it’s usually best to start an online group chat so that everyone understands the plans and can give their opinion on them.