If an ever-important life event is creeping up, and the stress of getting friends and family together is clouding the excitement of the day – don’t worry. We have the perfect solution when it comes to the travel involved in these five major life events. Find out how car and van hire bristol based can enhance your special day below.


Weddings – while they’re often regarded as one of the most magical days a person can have, it’s no secret they can come with a fair amount of stress! However, people carrier car hire can make it so much easier.

More often than not, many wedding guests individually feel the stress of getting to the ceremony or reception on time, only then to struggle to find suitable parking – and have one unhappy designated driver per family, unable to take part in some of the ceremonial festivities. Or, alternatively, end up forking out for taxis separately, adding another cost to celebrating the big day.

Hiring a minibus or people carrier in Bristol means wedding guests can club together, spend less on travel, only have one vehicle to worry about parking, and can get the party started early!


Booking that amazing concert with your friends and family is such an exciting time – until the event date gets ever closer, and travelling becomes a tricky issue to coordinate. Driving down separately is an option until fuel costs are calculated and different driving styles spell different landing times. Public transport is an idea, until you check prices of trains, or consider the rowdiness of a packed out coach. Everybody wins when you land on the idea of cheap car hire Bristol based, plus, your party can get as excited as they like onboard – and a pre-concert sing-song can begin!

Camping trips

The beloved staycation of many families up and down the country, camping is an absolute favourite when British summer time hits. But when you consider fitting your nine berth tent, sleeping bags, airbeds, clothes, supplies, food and everything else your outdoor excursion requires into the boot of your hatchback – things can get complicated.

The family car might not be the best option when it comes to hauling all of your luggage and heading off into a rural terrain, but budget car hire in Bristol can certainly help – with a wide range of vehicles available at great prices, we’re sure to find the solution.

Moving house

Arguably one of the most stressful life events there is, moving house requires a lot of loading and transporting precious furniture and belongings. Calling in the removal services is often a go-to option, but there’s another way you can take control of your moving day that’s easier on your budget.

Van rental offers more control when it comes to moving – you can pack up your belongings and drive as carefully as you see fit in order to prevent damage to your personal belongings. Plus, you don’t have to fork out for an extra pair of hands if you feel perfectly capable yourself. It’s a cheaper way to get the job done at your own pace.

Sports matches

Whether your child and their team is playing their first match away, or you and your fellow supporters are off to see the team you’ve supported for a lifetime beat the opposition – it usually requires a large party making their way across towns and counties.

Hiring a van, people carrier or minibus can make sure the whole team is in tow and ready to go – the pep talks or football chants can start early, and the travel costs are significantly cheaper.

If you’re looking for cheap car hire Bristol football fans can count on, get in touch with a member of our team for help in finding the perfect vehicle for you at a great rental price.