Going on a road trip every now and then is a great way to travel less expensively, visit new places and have fun together as a family. However, having a successful adventure on the road, especially when there are children on board, greatly depends on the planning, which includes packing your road trip essentials. The key to getting this right and minimise the mishaps is simply to be well prepared.

Whilst it is true that your space is always limited whatever vehicle you plan to travel in, it is important to pack the essentials and a few little extras to make your journey as comfortable as possible and for everyone to enjoy an unforgettable family experience. Here we have compiled a list of what you should definitely bring along for your upcoming family adventure.

Healthy snacks

Eating the wrong kinds of food can lead to driver fatigue and contribute to a lack of focus and attention which is why preparing a few healthy snacks for your road trip is very important. Keep in mind to avoid feeding the little ones with too much sugar so bring along healthy choices such as carrot sticks, grapes, cheese sticks, pretzels and of course, water. Additionally, remember to ration out the snacks to prevent the children from overindulging and getting sick.

First aid kit

Especially if you’re travelling with children on board, a first aid kit is definitely essential. For possible unfortunate cases of blisters, headaches, sunburn and scratches, bring along a first aid kit that includes bandages, ice packs, antibacterial hand wipes, bite and sting cream, sunscreen and pain reliever medicine.

Comfortable child car seat

Having the right car seats, suitable for your children’s age and size not only ensure their safety but will also make them comfortable and able to last a lot longer in the car.

Tablet or smart device

Do not forget to bring along your tablet or smartphones to secure your means of communication to home, for navigation purposes or as an entertainment for your little ones.

Paper maps or offline map apps

Whilst there are many navigation apps you can download to help you find your way on the road, do not rule out the possibility of losing signal coverage in some areas. That said, be sure to bring along paper maps or choose apps that would still function even when you’re offline.


If you allow your little ones to use tablets or smart devices so you can have a few moments of silence for yourself, make sure that each child has their own headphones. Choose over-the-ear headphones as most small children don’t like to use earbuds and opt for a brand that has volume restriction to protect your child’s hearing.

Power bank

Since your devices will play an important role whether for navigation or entertainment purposes, remember to pack reliable power banks or portable chargers to ensure that your gadgets won’t be drained and can be charged on-the-go whenever necessary.


Coolers are great for storing your food and drinks so you won’t have to stop at a petrol station or convenience store every couple of hours for snacks. In addition to this, a hard cooler can serve as a seat when making short stops at rest areas.

Plastic bags

Plastic bags such as the kind you usually get at the grocery store can be useful for keeping clothing and seat covers clean should a bout of car sickness quickly come on. Collect snack wrappers and sort recyclables as you go.

Ziploc bags

Gallon-sized Ziploc bags are particularly useful, especially as a packing tool which can come in handy when travelling to a new city every few days. By packing and labelling one outfit in each bag, you can put all the outfits you need into one suitcase.

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