Ah, Bristol. Brunel, Blackbeard and Banksy. The Floating Harbour. Cabot Tower. The medieval cathedral. The Clifton Suspension Bridge. Where better to explore by car than one of the most historic cities in the United Kingdom?

DO: book car hire online before arriving or directly in Bristol

Not only does this save you worrying when you arrive, but it is also cheaper than doing it directly.

Bristol is a major UK city and has the car rental companies you would expect to see anywhere in the world. However, these can be expensive and often impersonal. For cheap car hire in Bristol, it’s best to use a local rental company. Bristol Car and Van Hire is a family-run company and offer cars and vans of all sizes and minibuses. There are business accounts available as well. Car and van rental prices are excellent and deals are flexible.

DO: pay car hire in advance

It’s cheaper and stress-free. You can do this when you book online. There are no hidden charges as VAT is included in the overall price. Excess is £750-cheaper than many other rental companies.

Do: explore the surrounding countryside and attractions

Bristol, like Rome, is built on seven hills and surrounded by some of the most spectacular nature in Britain. With so much to see and do in the city itself, its surroundings are often overlooked. The Mendip Hills, the Cotswolds and the Severn Estuary are all accessible by your rental car and possess breathtaking scenery. The medieval manor house, Ashton Court boasts wild deer, ancient trees and golf courses before you even get inside, while the 18th-century Blaise Castle contains an impressive gallery and collection of toys. With your rental car, you are never far from somewhere remarkable.

DON’T: use the M32 during the rush hour

The M32 is one of the main routes into Bristol from the M4 and as such, one of Britain’s most congested roads at rush hour. Whether you’re budget car rental or a Luton van, this is one aspect of the city you definitely don’t want to experience!

DO: take advantage of the park and rides if you want to visit the historic centre

Like most city centres, Bristol can get extremely congested traffic-wise, which is why if you’re renting a car there, using one of the three “park and ride” services that serve the city is recommended if you want to go into the centre.

Bristol is famous for its maritime history and its “Floating harbour” was where John Cabot sailed from to the New World. The expression “ship-shape and Bristol-fashion” is a maritime expression we still use, meaning “in good order”. On a less savoury note, it was, along with Liverpool, one of the centres of the transatlantic slave trade. This connection has recently been highlighted after the statue of Edward Colston was thrown into the harbour by protesters, provoking much debate regarding Britain’s colonial legacy.

Bristol’s gothic cathedral and St James Priory date back to the 11th century; the latter being the oldest building in the city. King Weston House is the only building outside London designed by the architect and dramatist John Vanbrugh. Rent, park and ride to avoid congestion.

Whether you want to explore using a budget car, people carrier car hire, a small van, large van or minibus, there is so much to do in and around Bristol and we look forward to welcoming you! Contact us today for more details.