If you’re planning a visit to our unique and buzzing City and require any form of vehicle: car, people carrier, van or minibus we offer it all. We promise a smooth journey, free from the fear of breakdowns and fully equipped for all of your requirements.

How much does it cost to hire a car in Bristol?

First and foremost, we aim to provide our customers with a cheap car rental option in Bristol.

We understand that the additional cost of having to hire out a car can be more than a nuisance for some; this is why we pride ourselves on having such competitive rates for each of our vehicle options.

The price of your hire will be determined by a number of factors. Our smaller cars tend to have cheaper prices, with our economy car being the most cost-effective. In addition to your choice of car, the duration of the hire will also influence the total costs. Please note, all our prices include VAT and insurance as standard.

Our website has a detailed list of prices specific to vehicles, length of rental and additional requirements.

What’s the minimum age to rent a car in Bristol?

The general age limit we require in order for you to rent out our cars is 25 years of age, although we do have alternative options for those aged 23.

What type of car should I hire?

Economy Car
We believe you will thoroughly enjoy your local trips around our unique city of Bristol. Just jump in, pair your phone to the car’s bluetooth network and relax as you listen to your favourite new album. Our Toyota Aygo is ideal for any journey, but especially if you require a cheap hire car for your stay in Bristol.
Small Car 
Fancy a tranquil drive through Bristol’s beautiful country roads? Pick up one of our smaller car options from our office located right beside the Southmead hospital. The fantastic road connections out of the city make your trip that bit easier.
Medium Car 
Medium-sized cars are fantastic for all sorts of journeys. They can provide extra space for the kids or luggage. Either way, we know you will enjoy cruising down the motorway in our Ford Focus and just to help make your life a little easier we allow free additional drivers at no extra cost! So you can swap with your partner and drive safely, rather than risk becoming tired.
Large Family Cars

Big family outing or holiday? We know that travelling with the whole family can be quite difficult, for a multitude of reasons. This is why we hope to provide you with options that make your journey easier.

If you’ve got a young one, we have a children’s car seat. If you’re the only adult, we have a Satnav to help guide your way.

We even have people carriers or minibuses for rental here in Bristol. Our prices are so competitive that you won’t need to compromise on space to fit within your budget.

Each of the cars we provide is great for taking on the motorway or squeezing through small roads so choose your car based on which possess the unique qualities that will suit your journey.

Once you have had a browse of our website, fill in our Booking Enquiry form and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible or contact us.