Whether you are moving heavy or large items, relocating to a new place or travelling as a group, there are several reasons why you may need to hire a large car. But before booking your vehicle, it is important to ensure that everything is taken care of in advance. As different companies have their own terms and conditions, it is essential that you understand their rules when booking for a van hire. Read through our guide to help you in the process.

1. Planning is vital

Before you even start searching for rental companies, determine how long will you need the van and if you are transporting large items, check the measurements. It is important to get this right to avoid overpaying rental and fuel costs. A huge van can be far too large for your needs and a small van may mean that you need to take multiple trips. However, if you’re just having a short journey, it would be ideal to pay less for a small van and make a couple of trips instead.

When moving heavy items, consider getting a van with a tailgate lift to help you load and unload. If you are not sure how to operate it, ask the rental firm to explain.

Also, if you have passengers, take note of the numbers. Different vans have a different maximum capacity.

2. Compare prices

When deciding on your rental firm, research the packages they offer. Check if insurance is already covered within the fee. Don’t assume that a low-priced rental quotation will include everything you need. You will have to confirm with the supplier what possible costs you will incur. Compare the prices that each company quote before selecting the best deal.

3. Bring the documents you need

When picking up your rental van, make sure you have your documents in order. Bring your driver’s license and a credit or debit card for your deposit. Most companies will also ask for a copy of your ID and a current utility bill to verify your home address.

4. Check the van

Before you hit the road, you must check the interior and exterior of the vehicle for any damage and make sure to include it on your agreement. The mileage and the fuel level of the van should also be correct and accurate. Also, it would be ideal if you have knowledge of basic repairs in case the van breaks down.

5. Drive carefully

Driving a van is different from driving a regular car. Check the dimensions of the van you’ve hired to see if it is higher or wider than what you are used to driving. Take precautions to avoid hitting structures with low vertical clearance or scraping the side in tight gaps. Make sure to park in a designated area with enough space to prevent problems when unloading large items.

6. Returning the van

When returning the vehicle, ensure you bring it back in the same condition you received it and check the fuel is refilled to the same level as when you picked it up. Return the van to authorised personnel. Finally, check your bank statement to see if no additional charges have been made.

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